Migrating off Blogger

2019-01-02 00:00 hugo

This very-infrequently-updated site has been hosted on Blogger for ages, mostly through inertia. I wanted to play with a static site generator, and most of the web sites I work with would be best served without having a CMS dynamically generating pages. Not everything is an application, after all.

I chose Hugo due to its popularity, cross-platform goodness, and lack of dependencies. I converted posts from the old Blogger site using blog2md which did a good rough first-pass conversion. Some manunal edits required, including bringing in static assets manually, as well as reformatting tables which the blog2md tool seemed to just turn into a series of items separated by newlines.

Cleaning up the converted markdown and pulling in all the linked images took about an hour.

Now to configure static file hosting on some cloud storage service (I’m thinking Amazon S3, as Azure Blob Storage can’t do redirects or serve up a root domain yet).