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Taking the Linux plunge

So I've got a decade or so of Windows-based network administration experience. However, my formal computer science education was rooted in Unix back in the early 1990s. We used Sun workstations exclusively back then, and almost all programming was in C or Scheme. I even wrote a simple C compiler.

But my first job was at a Netware 3.X shop, which we transitioned to Windows NT 3.51, and I've been managing large, multi-site, but mostly-Windows networks ever since. (I've also done a lot of DBA and security work too). So I'm not a neophyte when it comes to IT, but I don't have much Linux experience, as none of the jobs or projects I've worked on used Linux.

I finally decided to install Linux and actually try to use the thing regularly. I've done "toy installs" of various Linux and BSD flavors over the years, mostly in in Virtual machines. But this was my first real go at using Linux regularly.

I picked Ubuntu 6.10 as my distribution, based mostly on reput…